Our mission is to meet our clients' ecological and regulatory challenges with practical, science-based solutions that foster environmentally sustainability and enable project success.

GIS & Spatial Analysis

Live Oak Associates is uniquely qualified in utilizing geographic information system (GIS) and spatial analysis to provide public and private clients with science-based solutions to complex natural resources issues and prepare statistically robust frameworks for predicting the effects that large projects will have on habitats and landscape connectivity for key wildlife species. We rely on sound ecological principles to evaluate the distribution and abundance of sensitive biological resources on or in the region of a project site, clearly evaluate the project’s effects on a site-specific basis and regional scale that is relevant to the species or resources (e.g., wetlands) that may be impacted by the project, and then provide for appropriate mitigation measures to offset these impacts.

More importantly, Live Oak Associates not only relies on conventional methodologies, but we have also developed the use of robust and advanced spatial tools.  The ecological scale for most species often exceeds the size of project sites and land management units by several fold and most conventional approaches that rely on overly simplistic decision rules and tools (e.g., GIS overlays, least-cost pathways, etc.) are not well equipped to inform conservation strategies at relevant spatial scales.  The spatial tools that LOA has developed are better suited to inform conservation strategies for a wide variety of species at the relevant spatial scales and assist with providing alternative mitigation strategies. 

See the maps below and our reference projects page for more information.


biotic habitats map Land Use Classifications for Free Calculations-Map

Example Biotic Habitats Map


Example Fee Calculator Map


Special Status Species Map  
Example Special Status Species Map