Our mission is to meet our clients' ecological and regulatory challenges with practical, science-based solutions that foster environmentally sustainability and enable project success.

Reference Projects

Live Oak Associates has worked on a diverse array of high-profile, sensitive, and complex projects.  Examples of some of these projects include:


Project Name: Wistaria Ranch Solar Farm Burrowing Owl Occupancy Estimation

Location: Imperial County
Client: AECOM
Description: Utilized field data, occupancy estimation, and spatial use modeling of burrowing owl within the project site and vicinity to develop unique and collaborative mitigation measures to ensure success of the solar project, appease local landowners, and conserve the burrowing owl.

Wistaria Ranch Solar Farm

Project Name: BNSF and Wasco-Shafter High Speed Rail (HSR) Bypass Alignments, Assessment of Waters of the U.S.

Location: Kern County
Client: Wasco-Shafter Farm Group
Description: Conducted a wetland delineation to document the absence of waters of the U.S. along two alignment alternatives which was used to determine a preferred alternative and became part of the Army Corps of Engineers administrative record.

Project Name: California High Speed Rail Authority, California High Speed Rail – Merced to Fresno PP1 Segment
Location: Merced, Madera, and Fresno Counties
Client: Regional Consultant Team (CH2MHILL/AECOM)
Description: Prepared supporting materials for the CDFW 2081 Incidental Take Permit Application by designing and overseeing an evidence-based spatially explicit impact analysis approach for refining the original impact analysis for several covered plant and wildlife species.
California High Speed Rail

Project Name: Cougar Conservation Plan
Location: Riverside County
Client: Riverside County
Description: Developed a conservation plan and a habitat suitability model for the cougar to enhance the Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan

cougar conservation plan
Project Name: Panoche Valley Solar Farm Biological Evaluation and Permit Assistance
Location: San Benito County
Description:Assisted in the preparation of the EIR (awarded as "Outstanding" by AEP) by condcuting surveys and preparing reports for numerous special status species.  Utilized traditional survey methodologies combined with patch-occupancy sampling to provide statistically robust spatial models for more precise impact analyses and mitigation.
Panoche Valley Solar Farm

Project Name: Buena Vista Lake Shrew Habitat Management Plan and On-going Monitoring for the Kern Fan Recharge Site
Location: Kern County
Client: City of Bakersfield
Description:Developed a special habitat management plan for the federally endangered Buena Vista Lake shrew to provide the USFWS with information demonstrating the City’s ability to continue to rely on the water recharge facility while preserving the essential habitat features for the shrew.  This work resulted in the Kern Fan Recharge unit being excluded from the final rule.

Buena Vista Lake Shrew Habitat
Project Name: Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation District Riparian and Land Cover Classification Map
Location: Southern Riverside County
Client: Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation District
Description:Prepared a riparian and land cover classification map to characterize riparian vegetation to assist the EMARCD in their mission to conserve and, where feasible, restore and enhance the riparian resources within their jurisdiction.
Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation
Project Name: Elk Hills Oil Field Habitat Conservation Plan
Location:Kern County
Description:Prepared the 50-year multi-species habitat conservation plan and CDFG 2081 permit for the oil field, which covered 16 special status species.  Evaluated project impacts and developed a conservation strategy by using robust landscape modelling of space use of blunt-nosed leopard lizard, giant kangaroo rat, and San Joaquin kit fox.
Elk Hills Oil Field Habitat
Project Name: University of California, Merced, Campus and Community North Phase 6 Project
Location: Merced County
Client: University of California
Description: Assisted with the design and construction of a California tiger salamander exclusion fence, conducted pre-construction surveys for special status species and passive relocation of burrowing owls, monitored construction, conducted off-site burrowing owl habitat enhancement, and consulted extensively with CDFW for a 2,000-acre campus expansion project.
University of California



Project Name: Cinnabar Hills Golf Course Riparian and Wetland Mitigation and California Tiger Salamander Monitoring
Location: Santa Clara County
Client: Cinnabar Hills Golf Course
Description: Monitored the creation and progress of three breeding ponds for California tiger salamander until the final success criteria were met in accordance with the CWA Section 401 Permit, Section 404 RWQCB Certification, and CDFW Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement for the project.

Cinnabr Hills
Project Name: Corcoran Irrigation District Solar Project and City of Corcoran Solar Project

Location: Kings County
Client: Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group
Description: Completed special status species surveys and burrowing owl habitat removal and passive relocation to facilitate project construction deadlines.

Corcoran Irrigation District Solar Project

Project Name: Kennedy Table Conservation Bank

Location: Madera County
Client: Topping Family
Description: Assisted in establishing a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)- and USFWS-approved conservation bank by mapping vernal pools, surveying for state and federally listed threatened and endangered plants and wildlife, and preparing the site management plan.  Assisted with the preparation of various banking documents, calculated the required endowment, and consulted with USACE and USFWS.

Kennedy Table Conservation Bank
Project Name: East Garrison Endangered Species Permitting and Construction Monitoring

Location: Monterey County
Client: Union Community Partners, Benchmark Communities
Description: Prepared CDFW 2081 Incidental Take Permit for California tiger salamander, completed pre-construction surveys, monitored construction, and conducted large-scale surveys for bats and nesting birds.

East Garrison Endangered Species Permitting

Project Name: Drayer Conservation Bank
Location: Merced County
Client: Rick and Carla Drayer
Description: Established a USACE- and USFWS-approved mitigation bank by completing vernal pool mapping and special status species surveys, preparing a site management plan, and calculating the required endowment and consulting extensively with the USACE and USFWS.

Drayer Conservation Bank

Project Name: Central Valley Independent Network Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project, Segment 19
Location: Tuolumne County
Client: Compliance One Solutions, Inc.
Description: Conducted pre-construction surveys, delineated sensitive habitats, and monitored construction activities along a 30-mile fiber optics route. Conducted environmental awareness training and prepared reports.

Central Valley Independent Network

Project Name: El Casco Mitigation and Monitoring Plan for Wetland Resources and Smooth Tarplant
Location: Riverside and San Bernadino Counties
Client: Southern California Edison
Description: Prepared a Mitigation and Monitoring Plan addressing on- and off-site permanent and temporary riparian impacts and impacts to smooth tarplant habitat.

El Casco Mitigation and Monitoring Plan