Our mission is to meet our clients' ecological and regulatory challenges with practical, science-based solutions that foster environmentally sustainability and enable project success.




Oakhurst (Headquarters)
David Hartesveldt, B.A., Principal and Senior Botanist, Wetland Scientist                            
Austin Pearson, B.S., Director of Ecological Services - Central Valley/Sierra
Jeff Gurule, B.A., Senior Project Manager, Staff Ecologist                                                     
Wendy Fisher, B.S., Senior Project Manager, Plant/Wetland Ecologist, Certified Arborist
Anna Godinho, Staff Ecologist

Suzanne Ruth, Director of Business Operations
Sinta Borland, Office Administrator


San Jose
Rick Hopkins, Ph.D., Principal and Senior Conservation Biologist, Ecologist                          
Davinna Ohlson, M.S., Director of Ecological Services - Central & Northern CA
Pamela Peterson, M.S., Senior Project Manager, Plant & Wetland Ecologist
Katrina Krakow, M.S., Project Manager, Staff Ecologist                                                        
Nathan Hale, M.S., Project Manager, Staff Ecologist 
Robert A. Shields, Staff Ecologist
Tom Haney, M.A., Director of Cartography, GIS
Elaine Alper, Office Administrator

Geoff Cline, M.S., Senior Project Manager, Senior Ecologist


Mark Jennings, Ph.D., Senior Associate Ecologist & Herpetologist                                      
Raymond White, Ph.D., Senior Associate Ecologist & Entomologist                                                          
Neal Kramer, M.S., Senior Associate Botanist                                                                        
Brett Dickson, Ph.D., Landscape Ecologist, Conservation Biologist
Rebekah Jensen, M.S., Field Ecologist
Cristal Romero, Field Ecologist
Tara J. Kelly, Field Ecologist